About the Book

This updated and expanded travel guide is packed with detailed listings on over 120 unique destinations to discover with your family. It contains the tools you need to start a new tradition of Adventures and give your kids the gift of memories by exploring Greater Cincinnati together. You’ll want to keep this guide handy to easily find the perfect Adventure!

You will discover:

  • Over 120 kid-tested destinations within a 2-hour drive of Cincinnati, including many in Dayton
  • Detailed information on every listing including age recommendations, stroller-friendliness, and the length of a typical visit
  • Easy-to-read maps
  • Practical considerations that moms and dads need to know
  • Category table including everything from archeology to trains to hiking
  • Many free and low-cost attractions
  • Encouragement and tips to start creating family traditions
  • Sample summer and year-round itineraries
  • Mom-tested advice on how to travel locally with kids of all ages
  • The many benefits your family will experience




Laura Hoevener

Laura Hoevener married her husband John in 1994. Together they have three children, Daniel (Age 14), Anna (Age 11), and Morgan (Age 4). Laura moved to the Cincinnati area in 1999 after living in Michigan, Indiana, and Wisconsin, and now lives in Miami Township in Clermont County. She has an engineering degree from the University of Wisconsin and has worked in the manufacturing and utilities industries. She is currently a professional mom who homeschools her kids and is active in her church. She has as much fun finding new things to do and exploring the area as her kids do, and she’s always on the lookout for new and interesting adventures.

Terri Weeks

Terri Weeks is a mom to Connor (age 15), Corinne (age 13), and Camille (age 11) and has been married to her husband Curtis since 1993. Terri is a graduate of Purdue University and worked as a mechanical engineer before becoming a stay-at-home mom, then a travel writer. Originally from Pittsburgh, she now resides in Miami Township in Clermont County. She loves to travel and explore new places with her family, and enjoys encouraging other families to travel. She also writes a travel blog called Travel50StatesWithKids. com which is based on her family’s goal to visit all 50 states by the time her kids graduate from high school. She is a member of the Midwest Travel Writers Association.


It takes a lot of work to write a book, and a lot of help. We want to thank the following people for their help:

Our families

Paula Goodnight of Where’s My Pen? Copywriting and Editing Services – Our editor

Kim Jorden of Kim Jorden Design – Our map designer

Connie Hammer – Photographer of our author photos

Tim Jeffries of Moving Pictures Photography – Photographer of several pictures on the book cover

The many people who have mentored, encouraged, and advised us:  Nina Roesner of Greater Impact Ministries; Sharon Siepel, author of Essential Survival Guide to Living on Your Own; Joni Sullivan Baker of Buoyancy Public Relations.

Our advisory and promotion team:  Alicia, Amber, Angela, Christy, Daniel, Heather, Kimberly, Kristen, Laura, Leah, Mary, Neila, Rhonda, Shea, Tonya, and Vickie.

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