Sleeping Beauty at the Ensemble Theater through Jan 4

I was excited to be offered media tickets to see Sleeping Beauty at the Ensemble Theater of Cincinnati, and even more thrilled to find out that the production was on my daughter’s 12th birthday. What made it even more special, is that this same daughter is performing Sleeping Beauty with her Musical Theater homeschool class in the spring. I thought that she’d be able to see how they performed the show and compare it to how her group is performing it.


I was even more surprised to find out that this Sleeping Beauty is nothing like the Sleeping Beauty that she is doing. Everything about it was different, the story, the music, the characters. Despite being a completely different show, we enjoyed every minute of it! The costumes are bright and colorful, the music is fun and the story kept us guessing!

ETC Sleeping Beauty 03

The ETC’s production has a few similarities including a king and a queen, a princess named Briar Rose, a prince, some fairies, and an evil witch who casts a spell on the beautiful princess causing her to prick her finger. That’s about where the similarities end. She’s pricked by a rose instead of a needle, she isn’t whisked away into the woods to be raised by the fairies, instead, the fairies try protect her by magically eliminating all the roses in the kingdom.

ETC Sleeping Beauty 01

The show is great for kids and adults. Its not specifically written for kids, but the younger princesses sitting near me all really enjoyed it. I’d also be comfortable taking another adult to the show–its not just for kids! My 12 year old daughter loved it. There are a couple of scary moments including a dragon and a mean witch, but if your child isn’t too sensitive, they should be able to handle these scary scenes fine.

ETC Sleeping Beauty 05

The music, written by local composer David Kisor, is wonderful. The only similarity in the music to the original Sleeping Beauty was the song, “Once Upon a Tra-la-la” instead of “Once Upon a Dream”. Only the words were the same, but the music was completely original. The fun-loving prince even sings a little bit of rock n’ roll.

ETC Sleeping Beauty 10

You’ll find action packed fighting, laughter, and true love all rolled up into this fun show. Before the show, there are several restaurants on Vine that you might want to check out. Parking isn’t difficult either. There is a parking lot close to the theater, or you can park in the garage at Washington Park. You might even find some street parking available. The show runs through January 4. Tickets to this show would be a great Christmas gift idea for the princess in your life!