Strawberry Picking Tips

  1. Call ahead. Sometimes strawberry crops can be completely picked early in the day depending on how many berries are ripe. Make sure you know the farm will be picking that day so that you don’t have a carload of disappointed folks.
  2. Bring kneeling pads or old towels to kneel on. Strawberries plants are low and these items will make it a lot easier on your knees and back.
  3. Explain to your kids that a ripe berry is RED. You might want to show them the difference. They may be used to seeing pale, unripe strawberries at the grocery store and you want to be sure to go home with ripe and tasty berries.
  4. Wear clothes and shoes that you won’t mind adding some red stains to. Pack sunscreen. A cooler full of water bottles will be a welcome sight at the end of your adventure.
  5. Bring cash. Many farms don’t accept credit cards. You don’t want to spend your valuable time picking and not be able to enjoy your berries.
  6. Prepare a flat surface in your vehicle to transport your berries home. Sports moms may need to clean gear out of the back of the minivan to have a place to safely place your berries.
  7. Buy Ingredients. Be prepared with supplies for pie/shortcake/jam if you plan on concocting any of these delicacies. Your kids will be excited to create something yummy when they get home. Here’s a great pie recipe if you’re looking for one.
  8. Freezer jam is really easy! All you need are clean jars, freezer pectin, sugar and berries. Yum!
  9. Big berries or little berries? The little berries are usually the sweet ones while the larger varieties are easier to pick, but not quite as tasty. Let the staff know what you’re doing with the fruit and they will direct you to the best variety for your purposes.
  10. Bring your camera and make some memories (and some yummy treats)!

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